Creative full stack software engineer with 10+ years of experience using various frontend/backend technologies and frameworks to build large-scale, multi-tenant SaaS platforms, rich web/SPA applications, responsive websites, and CI/CD pipelines


PHP 5/7

Misc Technologies


Howard Payne University


BS Computer Information Systems

3.3 GPA Overall

Senior Software Engineer

Kasasa    2015-Current
  • Built out micro-UI patterns to support multiple single page JS apps for consumer facing products on a single domain, using CloudFront, S3 and content splitting for gateways
  • Migrated ~80 applications out of Local Data center (ZColo) into Docker using ECS, Kubernetes and PHP7+
  • Scale services in the cloud to service 15M+ req/day using RabbitMQ, Memcached, Elasticache and high performance RDS clusters
  • Built NACHA funding system with batched based data processing for loans and consumer NII products; bills 100k+ consumers monthly 
  • Rewrote python bots into PHP services using RabbitMQ for parallel data processing with horizontal scaling
  • Built self service tools for in house CMS including streamline client UI/UX to help off load work from internal teams 
  • Worked on RabbitMQ message broker written in Golang to enable non daemon PHP data processing that adheres to REST Standards
  • Designed and implement a CI pipeline using Jenkins that generates over 500 jobs complete with automated dependency pipelining

Software Engineer II/III

Kasasa    2011-2015
  • Implemented microsvc architecture using OpenStack including a new internal microsvc application framework with service discovery
  • Built 20+ single page JS apps using Goolge Closure, BS3/jQuery for a variety of uses including back office admin tools, consumer facing applications and dashboards 
  • Worked on ops tooling including CD with RunDeck including templated jobs and centralized config management
  • Migrating to GIT from SVN and automated tools for publishing/managing internal libraries (satis)
  • Support Devops drive to PaaS and standardization

Software Engineer

Rooftop Interactive    2013-2014
  • Built a batch based mutli-MLS Sync app using RETS. ETLs data into standard private REST API. ~2GB data/day using ECS Fargate, S3, RDS, SQS and PHP7.


First ROI    2010-2011
  • Implement OAuth 1.0a into monolith back office software.
  • Implement new UI/UX framework using Google Closure
  • Refactored monolith into standalone apps including rewriting Flash UIs into single page JS apps
  • Maintain account opening software that included new account funding ACH and identity verification using Meridian Link and Experian
  • Migrate PHP 5.2 to 5.3+
  • Acquired by Kasasa in 2011

Freelance Development

Austin/Brownwood TX    2005-Current
  • Currently host and manage 30 consumer facing websites on a proprietary CMS. Serves up 10k+ requests/day. Jquery, BS3/4, Closure. Hosted on EC2, ECS using ALB and CloudFront
  • Social network for University Greek Life: Greek Life Online. 200+ groups currently registered.
  • Tenura Real estate transaction closing system that integrates with RamQuest Disclosure management system and SQL 2k
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