Creative full stack software engineer with 10+ years of experience using various frontend/backend technologies and frameworks to build large-scale, multi-tenant SaaS platforms, rich web/SPA applications, responsive websites, and CI/CD pipelines

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PHP Random User Generator

Posted on Sep 05, 2014 By Philip Whitt

Need to generate random users for test data in your php app? is a wonderful solution.

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How to Install Phidgets on a Raspberry Pi

Posted on Feb 24, 2014 By Philip Whitt

If you're into home automation or general environment computing then two tools you need to know about are the Raspberry Pi and Phidgets USB device. Raspberry Pi is a very popular micro computer running Linux that includes a variety of I/O options including HDMI. Phidgets is a Canadian computer hardware company offering low cost USB interfaces for a wide selection of sensors and controls. 

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Using Google JS API in Closure

Posted on Jan 07, 2014 By Philip Whitt

Google's Closure tools offer some great ways to build a maintainable JavaScript web app. But some of the most popular Google JS libraries (maps, visualization ect...) aren't included in the Google Closure library. To complicate things further some of the more popular JS libraries are only available through the Google Loader a.k.a. Google JS API. Most have externs files available for the Closure Compiler, but if you need to dynamically load the actual libraries like Google Maps or Google Visualization into your Closure Compiled JS app, you might think you're out of luck...

But alas! It is possible to dynamically load Google JS libraries from Google Loader in a Closure Compiled app. I'll show you how.

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Easy to Use PHP Validation Builder

Posted on Jan 02, 2014 By Philip Whitt

Web application security is an important and often overlooked aspect of development. At the core of security is validation and sanitizing user input. There are many different ways to validate user input in PHP. My approach is a simple builder object that allows a developer to chain together common validators for an easy to read list of validation rules. 

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